Rebate Comparison Tool

We know you want to get the highest cash rebate possible when signing up for a credit card or bank account. This is why we have created the Frugal Flyer rebate comparison tool. The table below compares our current rebate offers to Great Canadian Rebates and creditcardGenius, the other two prominent rebate providers in Canada.

Frugal Flyer will always strive to offer the most competitive rates possible. Nonetheless, our goal is to be transparent with what we are offering so that you can make an informed decision before signing up for a new financial product.

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ProductFlyerFunds by Frugal Flyer Great Canadian Rebates creditcardGenius
BMO CashBack World Elite Mastercard BMO CashBack World Elite$0$0$100
BMO AIR MILES World Elite Mastercard BMO AIR MILES World Elite$0$0$20
BMO Ascend World Elite Mastercard BMO Ascend World Elite$0$0$100
BMO Eclipse Visa Infinite BMO Eclipse Visa Infinite$0$0$100
BMO Eclipse Visa Infinite Privilege BMO Eclipse Visa Infinite Privilege$0$0$0
BMO CashBack Business Mastercard BMO CashBack Business$0$0$100
BMO World Elite Business Mastercard BMO World Elite Business$0$0$125
BMO AIR MILES No-Fee Business Mastercard BMO AIR MILES No-Fee Business$0$0$0
BMO AIR MILES World Elite Business Mastercard BMO AIR MILES World Elite Business$0$0$0
BMO Plus Plan Chequing Account BMO Plus Plan Chequing Account$100$0$0
BMO Performance Chequing Account BMO Performance Chequing Account$100$100$0
BMO Premium Chequing Account BMO Premium Chequing Account$100$100$0
HSBC +Rewards HSBC +Rewards$120$120$100
HSBC Cash Rewards HSBC Cash Rewards$125$120$0
HSBC Travel Rewards HSBC Travel Rewards$120$120$0
HSBC World Elite HSBC World Elite$150$150$0
HSBC Advance Chequing HSBC Advance Chequing Account$30$80$0
HSBC Premier Chequing HSBC Premier Chequing Account$30$80$0
HSBC High Rate Savings HSBC High Rate Savings Account$30$80$0
National Bank Platinum National Bank Platinum$50$50$0
National Bank World National Bank World$50$50$0
National Bank World Elite National Bank World Elite$50$50$50
Neo Financial Credit Card Neo Credit$60$45$0
Neo Financial Credit Card Neo Secured Credit$30$35$0
Neo Money$15$15$0
RBC ION Visa RBC ION Visa$0$0$0
RBC ION+ Visa RBC ION+ Visa$0$0$0
RBC Avion Visa Infinite RBC Avion Visa Infinite$50$0$0
RBC Cash Back RBC Cash Back$0$0$0
RBC Cash Back Preferred World Elite RBC Cash Back Preferred World Elite$0$0$0
RBC WestJet RBC WestJet$50$0$0
RBC WestJet World Elite RBC WestJet World Elite$75$0$0
RBC British Airways Visa Infinite RBC British Airways Visa Infinite$100$85$0
RBC VIP Banking Account RBC VIP Banking Account$140$80$0
RBC Signature No Limit Banking Account RBC Signature No Limit Banking Account$100$80$0
RBC Signature No Limit Banking Account RBC Advantage Banking Account$0$25$0
Scotiabank Momentum Visa Infinite Scotiabank Momentum Visa Infinite$100$125$20
Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite$100$100$0
Scotiabank American Express Scotiabank American Express$50$50$0
Scotiabank Gold American Express Scotiabank Gold American Express$150$150$150
Scotiabank Platinum American Express Scotiabank Platinum American Express$175$150$0
Scotiabank Scene Visa Scotiabank Scene Visa$100$50$0
Scotiabank Basic Plus Account Scotiabank Basic Plus Account$50$40$0
Scotiabank Preferred Package Scotiabank Preferred Package$100$40$0
Scotiabank Ultimate Package Scotiabank Ultimate Package$50$40$0
Scotiabank Momentum Plus Savings Account Scotiabank Momentum Plus Savings Account$100$60$0
Scotiabank Money Master Savings Account Scotiabank Money Master Savings Account$75$40$0
Simplii Cash Back Visa Card Simplii Financial Cash Back Visa$0$0$0
Simplii High Interest Savings Account Simplii High Interest Savings Account$0$0$0
Simplii No Fee Chequing Account Simplii No Fee Chequing Account$0$0$0
Tangerine Money Back Tangerine Money-Back$50$0$0
Tangerine World Tangerine World$50$0$0