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Best Western International operates over 4,700 hotels worldwide, making them a prominent hotel chain in many countries that you may travel to. Their loyalty program, Best Western Rewards, can have value in reducing your overall hotel costs for your next vacation.

Not to mention, earning elite status with Best Western Rewards is very easy thanks to a lucrative and straightforward status match program.

Earning Best Western Rewards Points

Best Western Rewards points can be earned through two methods: staying at Best Western International Properties and booking rental cars.

Stay at Best Western Properties

Similar to other hotel programs, such as Marriott Bonvoy and Hilton Honors, Best Western Rewards members earn points for staying at a Best Western branded hotel. In order to earn points, the stay must be booked directly with Best Western, and your rewards member number will need to be linked to the reservation.

The number of points earned per dollar spent depends based on your elite status level:

Best Western Rewards Status LevelEarning Rate
Blue10 points per US dollar spent
Gold11 points per US dollar spent
Platinum11.5 points per US dollar spent
Diamond13 points per US dollar spent
Diamond Select15 points per US dollar spent

Any additional charges while you are staying at the property, such as food, drink, or parking, will also be eligible to earn Best Western Rewards points provided you charge these expenses to your room. Best Western also runs promotions from time to time which reward members with bonus points for meeting certain criteria such as a set amount of stays or nights completed.

Points never expire and will be available in your rewards account within 7 days of your stay.

Book Rental Cars

Best Western Rewards program members are able to earn points when making bookings with various rental car agencies. Eligible car rental agencies include Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, and National. The rate at which points are earned varies based on the rental car agency and may earn points per dollar spent or a lump sum of points for completing a booking.

Note that corporate codes cannot be applied when booking rental cars through Best Western so it is best to run a cost-benefit analysis to ensure you are getting the most value out of your spend.

A list of all travel partners and the special offer terms can be found here.

Redeeming Best Western Rewards Points

There are three ways to redeem your points: stay at Best Western properties, transfer points to airline partners, or purchase gift cards.

The estimated value of a Best Western Rewards point is roughly 0.7 cents. Keep this in the back of your mind before making any redemptions to ensure you get the most value out of your points.

Stay at Best Western Properties

If you want to get the most value out of your points, it is recommended that you redeem them for a free night(s) at Best Western International properties.

A free night can range in cost from 5,000 to 70,000 Best Western Rewards points depending on the brand, location, and type of hotel room. Typically, if a hotel has a higher cash rate to book, it will also cost more points to redeem a free night.

If you are looking to redeem your points for a free stay at Best Western hotels, simply search using the hotel booking tool and choose “Rewards Points” under the rates dropdown menu.

Once you search, you will receive a list of options in the desired area for the dates selected. You will be presented with the base points cost for a night at each hotel, as can be seen on the dummy search below I did for Sydney, Australia. If you want to see what other premium rooms are available (at an increased cost), you can click “View Rooms” on the hotel of your choice.

As with many hotel loyalty programs, you can expect to get the most value out of your points if you are redeeming during peak season (such as around the holidays). We always recommend comparing the point redemption rate against the cash rate to see if there is better value in either option before making a booking.

Transfer Points to Airline Partners

Best Western Rewards members can also transfer their points to a variety of airline loyalty program partners. Points transfers can be initiated from the Best Western Rewards Redemption Mall.

The rates at which points convert to the partner’s currency do vary depending on the airline loyalty program:

Airline Loyalty ProgramTransfer Ratio
Air Canada Aeroplan5,000 Best Western: 1,000 Aeroplan
Aeromexico Club Premier5,000 Best Western: 1,600 Aeromexico Miles
Aer Lingus AerClub5,000 Best Western: 1,000 Avios
Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan5,000 Best Western: 1,000 Alaska Miles
Asiana Club5,000 Best Western: 1,000 Asiana Miles
British Airways Executive Club5,000 Best Western: 1,000 Avios
Air France/KLM Flying Blue6,000 Best Western: 1,000 Flying Blue Miles
Iberia Plus5,000 Best Western: 1,000 Avios
Avianca LifeMiles5,000 Best Western: 1,000 LifeMiles
Southwest Rapid Rewards5,000 Best Western: 1,200 Rapid Rewards
Vueling Club5,000 Best Western: 1,000 Avios

This is not a very strong use of Best Western points due to the ratio at which points are converted. However, if you are looking to top up a balance before making a redemption, you might find value in transferring some of your points to the airline loyalty program of your choice.

Purchase Gift Cards

Best Western Rewards points can also be redeemed for gift cards through the Best Western Redemption Mall.

Points can be redeemed for both and prepaid Mastercards at a rate of 0.4 cents per point. This means that a $100 CAD Amazon or prepaid Mastercard will cost 24,000 Best Western Rewards points.

Points can also be redeemed for virtual Best Western travel gift cards at a rate of 0.005 USD per point. This means that a $100 USD Best Western gift card will cost 20,000 points. These gift cards can only be utilized at Best Western hotels for paying for hotel stays and other associated expenses.

Once again, redeeming your points for gift cards is not a great idea if you are looking to maximize the value that you get out of your points. However, if you have a few points left over and are not planning to stay at a Best Western property in the foreseeable future, this might be an avenue of redemption you wish to explore.

Best Western Rewards Status

The backbone of any loyalty program is its elite status tiers, and the Best Western Rewards program is no different. They have five different levels of status: blue, gold, platinum, diamond, and diamond select.

Best Western Rewards status can be earned by meeting one of the three requirements related to elite night credits, qualifying stays, or base points earned. The requirements to earn each level of status are as follows:

Best Western Rewards Status LevelRequirements to Earn Status
BlueNo requirements; Basic member level
Gold10 nights, 7 stays, or 10,000 points
Platinum15 nights, 10 stays, or 15,000 points
Diamond30 nights, 20 stays, or 30,000 points
Diamond Select50 nights, 40 stays, or 50,000 points

The benefits for each level of Best Western Rewards status include the following:

Interestingly, the Best Western Rewards program doesn’t differentiate too much between their status tiers when it comes to perks and benefits. The biggest differentiator is that as you move up in status, the points that you earn for staying at Best Western hotels will increase.

Unlike other hotel loyalty programs, there are no free breakfast perks or suite upgrades with this rewards program.

Status Matching

Interestingly enough, the best way to earn status within the Best Western Rewards program is not by staying at their properties, but instead by status matching. With a simple status match, you can quickly earn Diamond Select status before stepping foot in a Best Western hotel.

If you are a Marriott Bonvoy Gold status member or a Hilton Honors Gold status member, you should definitely take advantage of this match to Best Western Rewards Diamond Select status. Both Marriott and Hilton statuses can easily be automatically earned through a variety of credit cards in Canada and the United States.

In order to status match to Best Western Diamond Select status:

  1. Contact the Best Western Rewards status match team via their contact form or via email ([email protected])
  2. Provide the following details:
    1. Full Name
    2. Full Address
    3. Email Address
    4. Phone Number
    5. Best Western Rewards® Member Number
    6. Proof of status in another hotel program: Screenshot or copy of your other program’s loyalty card or account statement
  3. Wait a few business days to hear back. If you provided all of the required information, you will have the status match applied to your Best Western Rewards account.

Good luck with your status match application!

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to check your Best Western Rewards points balance, log into your Best Western Rewards account here. Once logged in, click on your name in the top right-hand corner and click “My Account”.

Best Western Rewards points are worth 0.7 cents per point. This means that you should aim to redeem to make redemptions that are worth at least $70 per 10,000 Best Western Rewards points.

Yes, Best Western Rewards points can be purchased at a rate of 1 cent per point. Note that this is less than the typical value of a point (0.7 cents per point) so you should only purchase points if you need a few more to make a redemption.

To purchase Best Western Rewards points, call 1-800-894-4365.

Yes, points can be transferred to another Best Western Rewards member but only if they share the same physical address as you. If you wish to initiate a points transfer, contact Best Western Rewards customer service.

In order to ensure that you receive your status benefits and Best Western Rewards points for your stay, your booking must be linked to your member rewards number. If you did not sign into your account before making a booking, call the reservations line at 1-800-780-7234 and they will be able to link the reservation to your rewards membership number.

You cannot add your Best Western Rewards number to a third-party reservation and you will not receive points on any third-party bookings.

Best Western Rewards points never expire meaning you do not need to keep your account active to retain your points.

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