Review: JetBlue Mint Business Class (A321)

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JetBlue isn’t a “new” carrier anymore, but I am thinking about the airline more than ever. They are in a unique position, appealing to many as a lower-cost option than the legacy airlines while still offering premium perks.

In particular, their Domestic First Class product has been getting much attention as they are among the few carriers offering lie-flat seats across the United States. We are pretty lucky that Air Canada’s Signature Class is offered regularly as a way to travel across Canada, but how does JetBlue’s Mint stack up as a premium way to cross the United States? 

Let’s dive into my review of JetBlue’s Mint Business class.

Booking JetBlue Mint Business Class

Business ClassAircraftRouteFlight Duration
JetBlue 283A321JFK to SEA6 Hours 27 Minutes

When booking JetBlue Mint, the best value is often booking with cash rather than points or miles, which we do not often say! Mint class starts as low as $500 USD one way for a 6-hour transcontinental flight. When comparing that against other direct options, it’s a real bargain. Needless to say for this JetBlue Mint flight, I opted to pay cash.

For reference, here’s a comparison of the cost of booking two people using cash in lie-flat JetBlue Mint Business class versus Delta’s domestic recliner product.

comparison of cash booking cost between jetblue mint business class and delta business class

As you can see, you can fly a far superior product for a six-hour flight at a cheaper cost via JetBlue Mint Business class as opposed to flying Delta’s standard first class product while still paying more money.

On the flip side, comparing JetBlue Mint Business class to Delta’s Comfort Plus option, it becomes an even more attractive option for some passengers. While you could pay $618 to fly Delta Comfort Plus on the above route, for only an extra $40/hour per person, you can enjoy a significantly elevated experience in Mint Business class.

The deal is sweetened further if you are able to take advantage of any American Express offers. We cut the cost of our trip by another $100 by buying separate tickets and charging the cost to American Express cards enrolled in a “Spend $200 on JetBlue, Get $50 Back” offer.

You can also book JetBlue and their brand new Mint Suites through Qatar Airways Avios by transferring from British Airways Avios to fly from the East Coast to Europe. This isn’t a fantastic deal, but the redemption is available often, and the taxes and fees are ridiculously cheap. 

If you are interested in redeeming Avios to fly JetBlue Mint Business, consider signing up for the RBC Avion Visa Infinite card or the RBC British Airways Visa Infinite card to increase your British Airways Avios balance quickly.

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35,000 Avion

However, if you are flying domestically, the Avios required often don’t make for high-value redemptions, and as mentioned, cash can be king. Similarly for domestic travel, it’s not to say prices will remain low forever, or you’ll always find JetBlue Minut Business Class at a great deal, but when crossing the USA, it’s always worth a look at JetBlue to see if any cheap fares are available.

Cabin Arrangement

The JetBlue Mint Business class cabin on the A321 has sixteen seats arranged in a unique fashion. Rows 1, 3, and 5 all contain two seats on each side of the aisle, whereas rows 2 and 4 are highly desirable throne seats.

jetblue mint business class a321 seat map

Those rows with two seats mean that the window passenger does not have direct aisle access. No matter if you are traveling solo or with someone, the best seats would always be the throne seats if you can secure them.


The big draw for most to JetBlue Mint Business class is the lie-flat capability. A lie-flat pod is always a treat, even on a daytime flight where you don’t plan to sleep. In particular, the “throne” seats that grace rows 2 and 4 come with their own door and resemble some of the most sought-after products, such as Etihad Airways A350 Business class or the British Airways Club Suites.

jetblue mint business class throne seat with door

The seat has ample storage, three universal power outlets, and oversized armrests.

Compared to other products like Lufthansa business class, it lacks the open airiness and only includes two windows. But I argue that privacy is worth the trade-off, particularly for a solo traveler.

jetblue mint business class seat overview

The business class seat is quite customizable with lumbar and one of my favorite features, the “Zero-G Effect.” The massage function is also excellent, unlike some seats, which can leave lots to be desired. It’s a full leather seat, rather than a cloth material, which I view as a positive.

jetblue mint business class seat controls

The footwell on JetBlue Mint is a little small compared to some other lie flat products, but considering the only competition on this type of route would be American Airlines, I am willing to accept the restrictions for the cost.

jetblue mint business class seat footwell

In the left armrest storage space, you’ll find the remote for the entertainment console, which is unique to JetBlue.

jetblue mint business class entertainment console remote

JetBlue does a great job with education about the seat. Most other airlines leave you to your own devices, or a flight attendant can help. However, JetBlue has a beneficial demonstration to explain all of the features of the seat.

jetblue mint business class seat instructions 1

The duvet and pillow are a considerable step from most domestic business-class products and even better than some transatlantic options. They are provided by bedding experts Tuft and Needle. The pillow offered is a memory foam type and wonderfully comfortable.

The one downfall of the seats is that some of JetBlue’s fleet is quite old and the wear and tear is quite apparent. The remote on one flight was exceptionally bad. The buttons were so worn out that clicking twice or even three times didn’t work on occasion. 

Depending on your luck, you could end up with a lovely and fresh product or something worn out, as seen in my photos.

Amenity Kit

While all JetBlue Mint business class passengers will receive an amenity kit, the amenity kits are inconsistent and can be bare bones but include a sleep mask, toothbrush, and toothpaste at minimum.

jetblue mint business class amenity kit

On one of our Mint flights, we received socks, relaxing gummies, facial spray, and some hand cream.


The catering has always been excellent every time we have flown on JetBlue Mint Business class. We departed from New York and San Francisco and found the food excellent. This was a great surprise as US carriers tend to have a bad reputation for their food offerings, even in premium cabins.

Even the menu is a level up from all US carriers. I would argue that it is better than some menus from European airlines. The menus are refreshed every 2-3 months and curated by New York hospitality groups. Those hospitality groups even include a custom Spotify playlist to listen to during your meal!

The menu is designed in Tapas style, where you can select three of the five dishes.

On this flight, we were served Lasagna and Chicken Cacciatore. Both were excellent. The warm apple crumble for dessert was a particular highlight.

The coffee on offer is branded Dunkin, which fits well with their identity. Oat milk is also available as a dairy alternative.


Entertainment Console

Nowadays, satellite television is becoming a more regular in-flight entertainment option, and JetBlue made sure to include this staple of US carriers. There was also satellite radio available which I didn’t use, but it’s another unique entertainment option.

The movies offered were current, which is to be expected, but sometimes, when you get many extra perks, such as a lie-flat bed, other parts of the experience can become skimpy. That is not the case here!

jetblue mint business class entertainment console movies

The only knock I have on JetBlue is their screens are small in comparison to some economy screens I’ve witnessed recently. Even Lufthansa’s long haul product has screens that are twice the size.

The headphones provided are a bit chunky but do a nice job of noise cancellation and are comfortable.

jetblue mint business class entertainment console headset


JetBlue again separates itself from the pack with free Wi-Fi at every seat, not just for those passengers in business class.

jetblue mint business class in-flight wifi

It was better than most in-flight wifi, which is surprising considering the whole plane had access!


JetBlue won me over with their over-the-top customer service and personal touches. After one flight with them, we received a handwritten thank you note.

During a particularly turbulent stretch of the flight, my wife’s wine was stopped from spilling with a creative solution.

jetblue mint business class wine stopper

Another personal touch I love is that the crew for the day hand-writes their names on each menu. On top of that, the call buttons are usually promptly answered.

jetblue mint business class menu cover


JetBlue Mint is an excellent product to travel in from coast to coast. With only one route serving Canada (YVR-JFK) it may not be an option that crosses many minds north of the border, but when Air Canada’s Dynamic pricing rears its ugly head, it’s an excellent alternative. 

With top-class catering, arguably the best domestic first-class seats, and an affordable price, it’s easy to see why JetBlue is an airline on the rise.

Daniel Burkett

Daniel Burkett

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Daniel entered the Miles and Points game in 2021 and has taken the “make up for lost time” mentality. After spending five years travelling for work and paying no attention to loyalty programs, some say Daniel is out for Points Revenge. With his desire to maximize every point available, he hopes to share the knowledge gained with more travellers to prevent the same mistakes he made.


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