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Buying groups have become my favorite way to manufactured spend on my US credit cards simply for the fact that they are a straightforward and simple way to generate large amounts of spend in a short period of time. However, when I started using buying groups in March 2022 I found that there was limited information out there and I was left to figure a lot of it out on my own in addition to guidance from a few discord servers.

Buying groups can be overwhelming for those just starting out. With that in mind, I wanted to lessen the barrier to entry to an underappreciated manufactured spending method in addition to showcasing one of the newest and emerging groups in the United States.

Let’s dive into our review of Max Out Deals and a tutorial as to how you can get started with your first buying group.

Max Out Deals Overview

max out deals logo

Max Out Deals is a major player in the buying group scene in the United States with 10,000+ active members and over $10,000,00 in monthly purchases. Buying groups, like Max Out Deals, are a great and legitimate way to generate a large volume of miles and points through credit card spend.

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Many buying group colleagues and I have recently been purchasing for Max Out Deals and we have been very impressed with the platform and timeliness of all transactions. If you want to get started with Max Out Deals, follow the steps below to successfully complete your first buying group order.

Signing Up for Max Out Deals

If you want to get started with buying groups, you can sign up for Max Out Deals here.

If you are Canadian, you are fine to enter your Canadian details. If you wish, you could enter the details that are tied to your US credit card accounts or US mail forwarder; it makes no difference.

Upon signing up, you will need to ensure that you have a US bank account available to deposit your payments to. Max Out Deals currently supports eChecks and ACH deposits for payment. If you don’t yet have one yet, check out the best US bank accounts for Canadians.

If you want to use eChecks, double-check that you are able to mobile deposit checks and understand any limits/restrictions that may be in place for your financial institution. For example, TD US allows you to only deposit $5k USD daily or $20k USD monthly, whereas with RBC US you can deposit up to $25k in a 3-day period. Certain banks may also not allow you to deposit from a Canadian IP address.

ACH (or automated clearing house) bank payments are the most convenient payment method and what I would suggest you use. With ACH payments, the payment will be deposited in your US bank account when processed which cuts out the need to deal with any sort of paper cheques.

To set up ACH payments, log into your Max Out Deals account and click “ACH Payments” on the sidebar. From here, you will need to enter your US bank account details:

  • US Account Number
  • Routing Number
  • Account Type (Checking or Savings)
  • Name of Account Holder

Max Out Deals will send a test deposit to your bank account so you will need to monitor for that deposit. Once the test deposit is received, log into Max Out Deals to confirm the amount deposited. Once validated, you will now be able to request and receive ACH payouts.

I highly recommend using ACH as your payment method so you can skip the step of having to print and mobile deposit a check and have the money deposited automatically to your bank account.

Committing & Making a Purchase on Max Out Deals

Once you are signed up, you are ready to make your first dropship purchase to Max Out Deals. There is a specific order of operations that needs to be followed: you must first commit to the deal before purchasing the item and shipping it to the buying group.

Committing to Purchase

When you are ready to make your first purchase, navigate to the “Deals” tab to see all active deals. At the top of the deals tab, you can switch between “On Sale Now” which shows deals that are at cost or with commission, and “Below Cost” which are deals that are paying less than what you will spend on the purchase.

Within each deal, you can see the retail price, what commission (if any) is being paid, and the total you will be reimbursed. You will also be able to see the retailers that have that product on sale.

max out deals active deals tab

Once you have selected the product you want to order, you will need to click the “Commit” button. Upon clicking that button, it will show the deal capacity and open up a text field for you to enter a numerical value identifying how many of that specific product you will be dropshipping. From there, click save.

Typically, you will want to commit to the deal before ordering to ensure that everything will go smoothly. Additionally, sometimes deals have limited space, and as such, you should always commit first to double-check that Max Out Deals is still accepting that particular item.

max out deals apple airpod commitment

Of note, committing to the item and amount you are sending is imperative as it is within the buying group’s right to refuse the shipment or payout at a lower price if you are sending non-committed items. Additionally, if you make a purchase and the order is canceled, you can always go in and reduce your committed amount.

Making a Purchase

Once you have selected a deal and committed to it, the next logical step is to make the purchase. Since we are ordering to a US address, we will need to log into or create an account. If it is your first time logging into on a Canadian account, it may say the item is undeliverable. This will adjust once you add a US shipping address to your account as mentioned below.

Note: TopCashBack offers 8-10% cash back on purchases of Amazon items, such as Kindle, Firesticks, Echos, and more. Sign up here.

Before we add the shipping address, it is important to note that the key to buying groups is to ship your items to a tax-free state, such as Delaware. If you are shipping to Max Out Deal’s New Castle, Delaware location, the address on Amazon should look like the below, with your name and ID # (found when you click “Profile” on the top-right-hand corner):

FirstName LastName (ID #####)

473 Old Airport Rd BLDG 4

New Castle DE 19720, United States of America

It is very important that you include your USER ID # in your shipping details when dropshipping items to the Delaware address.

Once you have set up Max Out Deal’s address, you will need to set your billing address. For this, use the same details that you have set up on your US credit card accounts. Amazon does not care if your shipping and billing addresses are different.

When you are starting out with buying groups, I recommend everyone starts with Amazon as your main retailer since they do not care about drop shipping, thus, will not cancel orders on you. Feel free to dropship the maximum quantity of any deals that are listed on Amazon with minimal risk.

Other retailers, such as Target, Best Buy, and Walmart, tend to be less passive when it comes to ordering products to buying groups. They will actively cancel orders and ban accounts if you are ordering to a flagged address. There are ways around this with some creativity involving jigging the address, but I will leave that up to you to figure out yourself 😉

Post-Purchase & Getting Paid

Once you have made your purchase, it’s time to move on to the second part of the process: order tracking and getting paid.

Order Management

Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email from Amazon and you can then view the tracking number attached to the order in your Amazon recent orders. Items may ship using UPS, USPS, or Amazon’s shipping service.

amazon drop shipping tracking number

Once the tracking number is available, you need to copy it and open the “Order Management” tab in Max Out Deals. In the “Order Management” tab, you want to click “Show Import Wizard” at the bottom which will open a window on the right-hand side of the screen. This is where you will want to paste the tracking number and click “Submit”. This will generate a new row on this screen, which will show the tracking number and the current status.

Once tracking numbers are added and items are checked in, this tab will start to look like the below:

max out deals order management

While you have included your ID # in the shipping details, adding the tracking number to order management is a failproof method to ensure that your order is properly attributed to your account. You should do this for every individual shipment as part of your process.

I also have a basic Google spreadsheet that I use to keep track of what products I am shipping where, the quantity, and the price I committed to being paid. This helps me stay on top of how many products I am waiting on being checked in and ensures that I am not missing anything. Having high attention to detail ensures nothing falls through the cracks throughout the buying group process.

Shipment Check-In & Payment

At this point, your item has shipped and you have entered the tracking number in “Order Management”. Now, all there is to do is wait for the package to be delivered.

Typically, once it is delivered you can expect to wait a few business days or slightly longer (depending on the current warehouse load) for the package to be checked in, depending on the overall buying group load. Once checked in and verified, the shipment will show up in your “Receiving” tab and you will receive an email.

max out deals receiving tab

Once your items have been received, you can request payment immediately provided your balance is over $50 USD. To do so, navigate to the “Request Check” tab and submit the desired payment amount as well as the payment method you would like to use.

Once payment is requested, you can expect to wait anywhere from a few business days to a week or two for payment to be processed (as it is done in batches). Once payment is issued, you will receive an email and payment will show as completed under the “Payments” tab.

From there, deposit the eCheck into your US bank account and you have successfully completed the full cycle of your first buying group order. Congrats!


Finding a new manufactured spending method can be difficult, but buying groups are far from a secret and have been existing right in front of us, waiting to be taken advantage of. While it can take a few purchases to get up to speed in the understanding of the buying group process, the juice is worth the squeeze as you can easily print credit card points.

I’ve only been using Max Out Deals for a few months, but have personally spent almost $19,000 USD in purchases with minimal effort. Both check-ins and payments have been timely which are two of the most important things when it comes to choosing a buying group as a purchaser.

max out deals total receiving amount

Many Frugal Flyer readers have joined Max Out Deals since we posted this guide and have completed over $900,000 USD in total purchases. If you want to get started with buying groups to build your miles and points balances, you can sign up for Max Out Deals here.

If you have any questions about the process, Max Out Deals, or buying groups in general, drop us a comment and I would be happy to share my expertise.

Josh Bandura

Josh Bandura

Co-Founder at Frugal Flyer
Josh has been involved in the miles and points game since 2015 but has scaled up his knowledge and points earning potential in recent years. With a consistent attitude of "min-maxing" in many aspects of his life, Josh has transferred this mindset over to the miles and points game. Always looking for the next big opportunity, he aims to share content on a variety of topics including his travels, miles and points, and most importantly, how to get the most out of your credit cards


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64 comments on “Max Out Deals: Earn US Credit Card Rewards

  1. Hi Josh,

    Used it for a year without issue but now keep getting orders cancelled by Amazon. Always same message: We recently learned about a problem that prevented us from processing your order properly. Unfortunately, we had to cancel it. You have not been charged. To purchase devices in bulk quantities, please complete this form.

    Is this something you’ve seen before? Any way to work around it?


  2. I started using this site on march, bought nearly a thousand dollars of goods for them, requested payment 14.3 days ago, didn’t receive anything and also their help email [email protected] didn’t reply to me.
    If anyone from MOD is reading this, my payment id is 54633, I’ve made communication attempts both by email and phone, and have not received anything.

  3. They are a scam. Sent one item to them, which they acknowledged receiving. The payment, however, is still “processing”, and it’s been two weeks. Tried calling and emailing them, and no response from them whatsoever. They are frauds. Don’t send stuff to them.

    • Hey Miki,

      I haven’t using buying groups much lately as I don’t have any US credit cards I am working on, but I recommend joining their discord for updates on payments:

      Looks like they paid out March 9th/10th today so they are around a month delayed currently.

    • Hi Javier,

      Glad you found it useful! I haven’t tried using Canadian-issued credit cards for US buying groups so I’m not sure. If you were to go down this road, I would ensure that you are using a card with no foreign transaction fees (to save 2.5%), and be aware that you will need to build the cost of converting the USD payout back to CAD to pay off your credit card.

  4. Thank you Josh for the article! It’s really helpful for beginners like me. I have a few questions:
    1. I’ve heard Amazon can shutdown/close people’s accounts so I plan to create a new Amazon account for buying groups. However this new account will not have Amazon Prime, which means no free shipping. How do you deal with shipping fees then? Since you only get paid retail price, do you need to pay out-of-pocket for shipping?
    2. Have you tried Buy For Me Retail? If so what do you think about it compared to Max Out Deals?

    • Hi PN,

      Glad you found it useful!

      Amazon can shutdown accounts for buying group usage but it seems few and far between. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to create a new account. If you order over a set dollar amount on Amazon (I think $30 USD?), shipping is free. It won’t be as quick as Prime, but it is free.

      I personally pay for US Amazon Prime for buying group activities for the volume I am doing, but you can get by without. You will also find that Amazon offers regular free trials of Prime for a week or a month, and can take advantage of timing those around busier times (e.g. Black Friday). Note that even if you had Prime on the, it doesn’t transfer to

      I’ve used By For Me Retail (BFMR) and they are fine but many below cost deals. I prefer Buying Group for the majority of my buying group needs as I have had nothing but great experiences, and they are quick to reimburse for any lost packages. It definitely is worth signing up for a few groups since the deals can vary between them.

  5. Hi Josh,

    I’ve been getting “We recently learned about a problem that prevented us from processing your order properly. Unfortunately, we had to cancel it. You have not been charged.To purchase devices in bulk quantities, please complete this form” more frequently lately from Amazon.

    It says a sales representative will contact me after I complete the form, which I want to avoid to avoid complete shutdown. Any way around this without completing the form?


    • Hi Sam,

      I’ve yet to hear of anything about what you mentioned; this is completely new to me. How bulk are you ordering? I definitely would avoid talking to a sales rep if doing orders to buying groups/freight forwarders.

      I was able to order around $15k in products from Amazon on Black Friday with no issues but I’ve been using this account for almost two years now so it is quite seasoned at this point.

  6. I just tried Max Out Deal for a month, and every order at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Walmart got cancelled.
    I tried 15 orders so far and statistically I expected at least win sometimes.
    Now, – maybe I was late for every order and hundreds groupers kept beating me to it, alerting the retailer and forcing them to flag this order or the whole shipping address.
    Is it really important to jump at the order the second it is in, or it is just my bad luck?

    • Every retailer other than Amazon is tough to get orders through for dropshipping. They require a bit of address jigging and luck (and even then, retailers like Best Buy will just blacklist your account eventually and you have to start over).

      Amazon is usually pretty safe. If you are getting cancels on a new account for the first few orders, you could reach out to their chat an inquire (no guarantees it will resolve anything). I did have a friend new to buying groups do that recently and he is now able to dropship from Amazon. Once you do get in and have Amazon working, I would recommend starting out slow.

  7. I strongly vote against max out deals (MOD) in regarding their slow scan speed, irresponsible attitude when dealing with missing packages etc.

    I’m not the only victim. Please make post fair instead of advocating as much as you guys can since you have the referral link. Be responsible please.

    • I’ve mentioned this in other comments and will again here for full transparency. There is risk in using buying groups in general, as I have had issues with other buying groups mentioned in our bigger comprehensive article on this site. Issues happen, but they tend to be few and far between unless if you are pushing serious volume. I have had scanning issues with MOD, but was able to get them resolved via the ticketing system.

      It’s unfortunate to hear that you have encountered problems with MOD, and I would recommend trying out another buying group that might be a better fit for you. I personally avoid a different buying group that others love as I had many issues in a short period of time.

  8. After a couple of orders, Amazon shut down my accounts, I created a new account, Amazon shut it down again, I think they knew I was ordering for a buying group, that is why they shut it down , do you have any tips to avoid account shutdown by Amazon?

    • Hi Teresa,

      That is unfortunate, I’m sorry to hear. I do think there is risk in ramping up too quickly, so I would recommend starting out with only an order or two and spacing them out. However, Amazon is unpredictable and these things do happen.

  9. Hello Josh,
    Thank you for this post. I’m very new this (only created an account) and have a question; should there be a self-given quantity limit for items we purchase on Amazon so that we can avoid getting flagged? For instance, one of the items has a “user limit 500,” but how should we approach ordering to minimize risk?

    • Hi Sam,

      Amazon is pretty on top of limiting quantities as is when it comes to buying groups. For example, if you are buying an iPad, the max you can buy in one order might be 3. If you try to order another 3 right after making the first purchase, your order will most likely be auto-cancelled due to “quantity limit allowance”. These limits do reset over time, such as iPads seem to reset every 7 days.

      • Ah, I see it now. Thank you! What are your thoughts on the deals for the iPhone 15 preorders? They mentioned a “received by” date so that makes me nervous, but I also know Apple is pretty good with their shipping.

        • I personally didn’t do any iPhone 15 orders but I know a few people who did. Arguably, the biggest challenge is getting an order to “stick” with Apple when using a buying group address as they are usually automatically cancelled. With that in mind, you would most likely have to “jig” the address, meaning slightly changing it so its not recognized as a buying group address.

          Most buying groups will have a set “received by” date that I would recommend adhering to, as they might not accept it past those dates or pay a significantly lower value. It’s really tough to say if it will be an issue with Apple this time around.

  10. Thanks for your review. I have to leave my feedback though. I’ve tried for over 2 weeks to contact them and have gotten nowhere. I had some questions I wanted answers to and have left messages with their answering service 3 times, sent emails and tried whatsapp. I got the feeling things might not be super legit as their website contact area in itself is not accurate. When you hit on the link for contact it doesn’t bring up the correct email, you have to hand type it in, it also says use the chat box in the bottom which is not there. It’s kind of like a website with lots of spelling errors, it just makes you think twice on how legit their site is. If they can’t take the time to contact me after 2 weeks of me trying I think I need to move on and warn others. I did send something to buyformeretail and did get paid promptly. They are farther from me so I was hoping to find a west coast buying group but I dont trust max out deals. Its too hit and miss for people and I dont think anyone wants to take a 50/50 chance of getting paid.

  11. Hi Josh,

    My first order just shipped so I went to the Order Management tab and tried to paste in the order number and submit but every time it says 0 record(s) affected and nothing happens. Tried on multiple browsers.

    • Hey Kyle,

      The main time I’ve seen that happen is when the tracking number has already been submitted. Is this an Amazon order and who is the shipper (Amazon/UPS/USPS etc)? If it is Amazon, ensure you are including the full number with “TBA”.

      • Hey sorry, I was putting in the order number, worked when I put the tracking number, Thanks so much for the write up!

        • Awesome, glad to hear you got it sorted! Once you get through a few purchases, it will become super routine for you.

  12. In regards to the commission, if I don’t have a SSN and the amount is below 1000$ each year, will I be required to get a tax form from them and file it?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hey Keb,

      Max Out Deals will only issue a 1099 tax form if you earn more than $1,000 in commissions and request the form to be issued. They will not issue automatically over any threshold.