Review: The DOUGLAS, Autograph Collection

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In mid-December, I found myself needing to head to Vancouver for a brief work trip. While I would only be in town for two nights, I took the opportunity to consider what property I was interested in staying at that was still close to the downtown office where I would be spending my days.

Logically my mind immediately went to any Marriott Bonvoy properties in the downtown area and I honed in on both the JW Marriott Parq Vancouver and The DOUGLAS. I stayed at the JW Marriott Parq a few years back, so checking out The DOUGLAS was the next logical step in experiencing the full property.

Let’s dive into my review of The DOUGLAS, an Autograph Collection hotel.

Booking & Check-In

Since I was traveling on company business for my day job, I opted to pay cash rates for this booking (around $400 CAD per night). After applying Suite Night Awards towards my booking from my Marriott Platinum status, I was upgraded a few days before my stay to the One Bedroom Suite room. This room was showing at a rate of $1,049 CAD per night so needless to say, I was excited to check it out.

After a brief check-in process on the sixth floor, I headed up to my suite on the ninth floor.


The DOUGLAS is located in downtown Vancouver, directly beside BC Place. If your time in Vancouver sees you being downtown quite a bit, the location of this property is a definite strength.

This hotel is part of the Parq Vancouver complex, which is made up of two hotels, multiple bars and restaurants, and a casino.

parq vancouver art display

Room – King Bed, One Bedroom Suite

The King Bed, One Bedroom Suite is composed of a living room, bedroom, and 1.5 bathrooms. Upon entering the suite, the living room is immediately in front of you.

the douglas hotel one bedroom suite living room area

There is a small sitting area with a couch and a chair with a few ottoman-like seats. Directly to the left of this sitting area was a wall-mounted television.

the douglas hotel one bedroom suite living room couches

Moving further through the living room, there was a small dining table with four chairs.

the douglas hotel one bedroom suite living room dining table

To the right of the dining table is a bar area, complete with a mini fridge, sink, and coffee machine.

the douglas hotel one bedroom suite bar and sink area

The coffee machine had a variety of pods available for use. Four bottles of complimentary water were also provided in the suite and both the water and coffee were refilled daily.

the douglas hotel one bedroom suite coffee machine and complimentary water

To the left of the bar area was a small half-bathroom. The decor was simple yet elegant.

the douglas hotel one bedroom suite half bathroom

Leaving the half-bathroom and moving through the living room, a long hallway connects the living room to the bedroom. On the right-hand side is the full bathroom, which we will get to later.

the douglas hotel one bedroom suite hallway

After traversing the hallway, we end up in the bedroom. If you haven’t noticed yet, the suite (in addition to all other rooms at the property) has an unfinished industrial-looking ceiling. I didn’t care for this look; the ceiling was my least favorite part of the room aesthetically.

the douglas hotel one bedroom suite bedroom

The king bed is fairly standard, with a nightstand and reading light on each side of the bed.

the douglas hotel one bedroom suite king bed

On the far side of the bedroom is another table with a bench.

the douglas hotel one bedroom suite bench

Turning around from the bench, we can see the rest of the bedroom including a desk, television, and another sitting area.

the douglas hotel one bedroom suite lounge area

The desk was standard fare and was comfortable enough to get some work done before heading to the office in the morning.

the douglas hotel one bedroom suite desk

An additional few couches are found in the bedroom, creating another sitting area. This is where I found myself having breakfast in the morning.

the douglas hotel one bedroom suite couches

Heading out of the bedroom, there was a unique storage area in addition to a closet.

the douglas hotel one bedroom suite storage space

Taking a left from the hallway puts us in the main bathroom. The large double vanity was impressive and perfectly decorated. Aesop toiletries were available for use.

the douglas hotel one bedroom suite bathroom vanity

The water closet was fairly standard, with a frosted glass door.

the douglas hotel one bedroom suite bathroom water closet

Finally, the walk-in shower was massive with a rainfall showerhead. While the floor-to-ceiling window in the shower was a bit different, it definitely was unique.

the douglas hotel one bedroom suite bathroom walk-in shower

I immensely enjoyed the floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the suite and the views that being in a corner suite in downtown Vancouver brought. Being right beside BC place would be convenient if you were in town for a concert or game.

Check out our Instagram video below for a quick room tour of the suite:

Marriott Platinum Breakfast

As a Marriott Platinum member, I was entitled to complimentary breakfast for two daily. While many hotels serve this in a designated restaurant or lounge, The DOUGLAS differentiates itself by offering complimentary breakfast as room service. The menu for the in-room complimentary breakfast can be found here.

On both days of my stay, I ordered the “Make It Yours” breakfast with eggs, a choice of protein, toast, potatoes, and a latte. The food was delivered in under 30 minutes both times.

douglas hotel marriott platinum breakfast room service

Of note, even though I was staying by myself I was told that I was entitled to and could order two breakfasts. If I wasn’t going to be at the office all day, I definitely would have ordered a second breakfast for lunch.

On the whole, the complimentary breakfast was a big win at this property when considering the quality of food, options, and the convenience of having it delivered to your room. It was great to place an order, continue getting ready for the day, and then eat right before heading out.


The DOUGLAS was an enjoyable stay but I’m not sure if it could be justified at the cash rates the rooms were going for; redeeming Bonvoy points may be a better option and value. The room and breakfast were solid, and I received consistent service throughout my time at the property. Not to mention, the whole Parq Vancouver complex has so many dining options and is in a great location which is also a big selling point.

While I wouldn’t hesitate to return, I would definitely check out the JW Marriott Parq Vancouver again next time I’m in town.

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2 comments on “Review: The DOUGLAS, Autograph Collection

  1. I’m staying here tomorrow night, on a soon-to-expire FNC (plus another 11k). Preference was JW for the lounge but only a few few nights are for 50k and only on Sundays. Anyway, I inquired through chat about the breakfast menu and was given a link to one but it has some different items on it than the one you linked to above. Frankly the one I was given looks better (has pancakes and waffles on it). Sounds like you actually stayed almost a year ago? Guess that’s why.

    • Hi Dana,

      Yes, I stayed in December 2022 so I would not be surprised if the menu has changed since then. Enjoy your stay!