Record High Cashback Offers on Simplii Financial Credit Card and Banking Accounts ($650 Total Value)

Simplii Financial and Frugal Flyer Have Partnered to Offer You Up to $650 for Free

Today we present to you new and very generous account opening promotions being offered by Simplii Financial on both their credit card and chequing accounts. Through Frugal Flyer Rebates, these offers are even more lucrative. 

ProductWelcome BonusFrugal Flyer RebateTotal Value
No Fee Checking AccountEarn $400 after receiving direct deposit ($100 minimum) for 3 consecutive months.$60$460
Simplii Financial Cash Back Visa Card

For your first 4 months with a Simplii Financial Cash Back Visa* Card, enjoy 10% cash back on eligible restaurants, food delivery and bar purchases. Up to $500 spend†

High Interest Savings AccountEarn a special 6% interest rate on eligible deposits for 5 months. Limits apply. Offer ends Jan 31, 2024.$40$40

Simplii No Fee Chequing Account

simplii chequing account checkbook

The Simplii No Fee Chequing Account is a digital-only, no-fee account with no minimum balance, and unlimited debits, bill payments, and withdrawals. It also has free Interac e-Transfers, and a Global Money Transfer service. Simplii operates under the CIBC umbrella which means you have access to CIBC ATMs for cash management.

We’ve discussed previously how you can even pay US credit card bills using Simplii bill payments.

The current $400 bonus being offered on the Simplii Chequing account is the highest we’ve seen. Combine it with our rebate to earn an easy $460. Learn more about our cash back rebates on Simplii Financial bank accounts.

How to Get the Simplii Financial Chequing Account Signup Bonus

To be eligible for the bonus, you must not have any banking relationship with Simplii. From there, the following must be completed within 120 days of account opening to qualify for the cash:

  1. Set up a recurring direct deposit(s) totaling at least $100 per month.
  2. Have the $100+ direct deposit credit into your account for at least 3 consecutive months.

The following are listed as examples of eligible direct deposits: payroll, pension direct deposits, old age security, disability payments, and governmental deposits, such as employment insurance.

simplii direct deposit page

If you’ve read our recent post on the value of bank account opening promotions, you know that not all bank offers are worth it, depending on the value and the steps involved. However, this Simplii Financial chequing account bonus is as easy as it gets, and for this offer it is definitely worth it!

Having used Simplii myself for daily banking, I can comment that the online dashboard and interface are very good, and customer service is highly responsive (a trend I’ve noticed with online-only banks).

Simplii Cash Back Visa Credit Card

Apply Now Learn More Earn $60 in FlyerFunds upon approval.
Simplii Financial Cash Back Visa Card

The Simplii Financial Cash Back Visa card earns cash back and gives cardholders the opportunity to earn up to 4% cash back on purchases at restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.

Check out our Simplii Financial Cash Back card review for more details.

$50 cash back

The Simplii Cash Back Visa is a solid credit card to have in your wallet, if only for its 4% cash back at restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. While it offers lower returns than the American Express Cobalt card or Scotiabank Gold American Express card, we all know that merchant acceptance means these often aren’t an option when it comes time to pay.

See our Simplii Cash Back Visa card review to learn more.

Simplii High Interest Savings Account (HISA)

The Simplii High Interest Savings account has no fees and no minimum balance requirement. Although there is no welcome bonus, it does have a promotional interest rate from time to time, currently 5.9%. The current non-promotional rates can be found on Simplii’s website.


If you’ve got some cash to park while you’re waiting on the sidelines of the stock market or saving up for a large purchase, why not at least get a half-decent return?

Frugal Flyer is offering a $40 rebate to open this account. While this isn’t a lot, if you’re already taking advantage of the chequing and/or credit card accounts, there is no additional cost to you to tack on the savings account as well. 

After all, three is better than one, right!?

Note: You must fill out our rebate application and sign up for each Simplii product separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cash will be deposited directly into your chequing account on the fifth month of account opening, after you’ve satisfied the eligibility criteria (direct deposit).

Yes you can, and you might as well to maximize your return. At a minimum, the chequing account pairs quite nicely with the credit card.

No it does not, if using a referral, you must use a friend or family member’s personal link which is not compatible with ours. 

The Simplii referral offer is $50 for you, and $50 for your friend. However the disadvantages of this offer compared to Frugal Flyer rebates are:
– You cannot get paid for multiple products. For example, if you signed up for a Simplii credit card, checking account, and savings account, you’d get $50 through referral, but $100 through Frugal Flyer. 
– The referral offer is only for new clients. If you have any Simplii Financial products you would not be eligible.

Yes, Simplii Financial is a division of CIBC, which is a CDIC member.

According to a Simplii Financial rep, this error is most likely to occur if you’ve had an account with Simplii in the past that invalidates your eligibility for the offer. Quoted text is below.

“First in regards to the $350 New Client Offer you asked about, they were right that you must open an account between February 1 and July 31, 2022 to be eligible. This offer is also eligible only to new clients who had no products or relationship with Simplii Financial between November 1, 2017, and January 31, 2022. If you had an account but closed it during this period, this would also explain why you are receiving error code #5912 when you try to apply through Frugal Flyer’s website”

Reed Sutton

Reed Sutton

Founder at Frugal Flyer
Reed is addicted to the art of earning and redeeming travel points, and frequently pairs his trips with his other hobby: photography. Through Frugal Flyer, Reed aims to distill some of the complex and esoteric points strategies into digestible information. Furthermore, he hopes to use his technical expertise to develop invaluable applications and tools for the travel community.


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20 comments on “Record High Cashback Offers on Simplii Financial Credit Card and Banking Accounts ($650 Total Value)

      • If I sign up for chequing account using the referral link here, can I apply for the frugal flyer rebates on savings account and credit card when they become available again? Or is it best to wait?

    • Hi Ran,

      The offers for the Simplii Chequing and Savings account have been extended. The Chequing account offer has been extended until July 31, 2022 and the Savings account offer has been extended until October 31, 2022.

      We are currently not offering a cash back rebate on the Simplii Visa card. Please check our rebates page for the most up-to-date offers.

  1. Is Frugal Flyer still offering the $40 rebate for opening a Simplii savings account? Or did that offer end on May 31?

    I only have a chequing account with simplii and no other accounts.

    • Hi Gary,

      Frugal Flyer is continuing to offer a $40 rebate on new savings account sign-ups until October 31, 2022. You can always check our rebates page for the most up-to-date offers.

      • Hi Mandeep,

        We will be paying out any approved Simplii account rebates that our readers applied for before we pulled the promotion down. We hope to bring back this promotion in the near future.

  2. On the question No.3 Do I need to complete your rebate form separately for each offer?
    Yes, at this time you must sign up for each product separately, and submit an application form for each. Simplii has not set up ‘cross-selling’ feature with our affiliate partner, yet.

    It’s not working. I never open any service from Simplii, but after I opened Chequing account yesterday and then move on to 2nd application for Savings account through your rebate link, I see the same Error message {Result #5912}. How can I apply for 2nd, and 3rd credit card if I get the same error? What should I do now? I feel bad for not just using referral code.

  3. Based on your FAQ each offer must be signed up for with its own link via frugal flyer, so the chequing acct and then the HISA account must be submitted separately but when I try to do that, it gives me the 5912 error suggesting that it recognizes that I’ve previously set up the chequing account and does not allow me to then set up the HISA account. Please advise, thanks

    • Hi Robin. How long after the first application did you try for the next one?
      Some people report it showing that error for a few hours after the initial application…

      • Has this issue been resolved? Seeing data points elsewhere suggesting that this is a common issue and I don’t want to run into it as well.

        • Seems to be sporadic and only affecting some people. Apply for the checking account first would be my recommendation. I will update if we hear more.

          • Hi. We’ve inquired with our affiliate provider about this issue. Will follow up when we hear back.

  4. Can I sign up for a chequing account through a referral and still get the $40 rebate if I sign up for the savings account through Frugal Flyer?