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The St. Regis Toronto is one of the premier hotels in the city and Canada’s only St. Regis branded property. It’s an authentic 5-star luxury experience with some of the best service in town and includes complimentary breakfast for Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Elite members and above. 

I chose this hotel to celebrate the end of a long ten-day tradeshow at the Metro Toronto Convention Center and my 29th birthday. I’ve stayed at this property twice before, but this one-night stay was easily the most memorable, with special touches and a fantastic suite upgrade.

Let’s take a look at my review of the St. Regis Toronto to see what you can expect on your next visit to this gorgeous property.

Booking & Check-in

I booked this room with a favorable industry rate and combined it with an Amex Offer for 20% off. Even without industry rates, this property is excellent value for Marriott Bonvoy points and routinely sees redemptions above 1 cent per point CAD.

Immediately after confirming my booking, I applied a Nightly Upgrade Award (NUA) towards my reservation and chose only corner suites as acceptable upgrades. While the two-bedroom, 1,300sqft corner suite was an available option, I wasn’t expecting the hotel to grant my request.

Much to my surprise, they did! After receiving their welcome email seven days out, I replied and informed them I would be celebrating my birthday during the stay. It goes to show that every interaction can make a difference.

Upon arriving at the hotel, I was informed that the room wasn’t quite ready, but they would take my bags and have them waiting in the room. I was thanked for being a Titanium Elite member, given the rundown that my Nightly Upgrade Award was accepted, and wished a Happy Birthday.

st regis toronto lobby check-in area

It was a seamless check-in experience. When I returned to the hotel a few hours later my room was ready and I took the elevators next to the Astor Lounge to the 29th floor to indulge in 1,300 sqft of luxury.

The elevators have an elegant and classic finish to them. At one point in time, this hotel was a Trump property. There are still hints of the design language, such as the gold accents around the elevator.

st regis toronto elevator design


The location of the St. Regis Toronto is its only flaw. Being located in the financial district, it has some entertainment and restaurants nearby, but you will likely find yourself in a rideshare or public transport to get around.

Comparatively, one thing I loved about my stay at The Ritz Carlton Toronto is that we were close to everything and only steps away from some of Toronto’s best restaurants.


Only valet parking is available at the St. Regis Toronto at a cost of $70 per day.

Room – Two Bedroom Deluxe Suite

As I wrote above, this was my most memorable upgrade during my points and miles journey. I hope this is a sign of things to come for NUAs, that they will be more powerful, and hotels will be more willing to grant requests for ultra-premium suites.

After the elevator arrives at the 29th floor, you’re greeted with a dramatic display of artwork and accent lighting. The carpet is also extra plush.

st regis toronto 29th floor lobby

As we had a corner suite, our door was at the end of the hall, and my excitement was building for what awaited me!

st regis toronto room 2914 door

Entering the suite, you’re greeted with a long hallway with marble flooring and a beautiful chandelier taking center stage. Also in this hallway is a coat closet with a luggage rack, ironing board, and umbrella.

Venturing forward is a full dining room and kitchen. Waiting for me are beautiful chocolates and a welcome letter confirming my dinner reservation.

st regis toronto two bedroom deluxe suite dining area

Behind the table, I was surprised to see a small convection oven. Funny enough, there weren’t any cooking utensils, but perhaps the utensils were available on request. It was a fantastic over-the-top amenity in a 5-star hotel nonetheless.

The mini bar consisted of many treats I didn’t indulge in, but it’s safe to say there was something for every craving.

Also in the kitchen were the complementary coffee and tea. A standard-issue Nespresso machine had some designer pods, which was a nice touch.

One of the most luxurious features of this property is the motorized blinds, a feature the Ritz Toronto doesn’t offer.

Just behind the dining room is the master bedroom. 

Both bedrooms featured a king mattress, but only the master bedroom had a double bathroom vanity. Other than that, both bedrooms were quite similar. The windows everywhere were huge and provided great views of the city.

The closet in the master featured a dresser that doubled as a luggage stand and also contained one of the robes made by Frette for St. Regis.

At the end of the bed was a reading chair and one of the three big-screen TVs in the suite. With so many other sitting options, we never actually used this chair.

st regis toronto two bedroom deluxe suite bedroom television

On the ensuite side of the bed were the room controls for lights, those super cool motorized blinds, and a phone. There are also room controls on the wall when you enter the room. 

Personally, I prefer to use the Bonvoy App to communicate with the hotel for maximum clarity. Even pre-ordering room service for the morning can be done with the app to ensure accuracy. Maybe it’s just the millennial in me that hates talking on the phone.

The ensuite features a double vanity with a TV built into the mirror. The amenities are premium and neatly organized, with perfect attention to detail.

The full bathroom includes a tub, shower with multiple jets, and specific amenities for each use case. My wife tells me that REN is a fantastic skincare brand, and SACHAJUAN is excellent for fine and thinning hair, as I have. The towels had a lovely textured design to them that was unique.

The last feature of the master ensuite is a porcelain throne, which I’m sure our resident toilet review expert would be proud of.

st regis toronto two bedroom deluxe suite toilet

The second bedroom is connected to the living room and connects to the front hall through the ensuite. The dresser is under the TV in this room compared to the closet in the larger room.

st regis toronto two bedroom deluxe suite second bedroom television

The closet is slightly smaller in the second bedroom, but the same room controls exist on the nightstand as in the master bedroom.

The similarity of in-room amenities and the “crispness” of the pillows when comparing both rooms accentuated the attention to detail this property exudes.

st regis toronto two bedroom deluxe suite second bedroom pillows

The ensuite is smaller in this room, with a single vanity and no tub, but it’s still highly luxurious.

st regis toronto two bedroom deluxe suite second bathroom walk-in shower

The living room was extravagantly placed in the corner of the room. The south windows had views of the lake, while the west windows allowed lots of light to pour in.

In the morning, the electric fireplace was extremely cozy. Stepping back against the south windows showed how extravagant the suite was.

The coffee table in the living room had quite a lot of literature. The most unique was the entertainment program for winter 2024 outlining the latest and greatest off-broadway and musical artists to grace Toronto with their acts. In addition, there was some literature about the history of the legendary St Regis Sabrage.

st regis toronto two bedroom deluxe suite literature

The end of the living room is defined by this chic desk next to the windows and a marble-topped table on the other side of the room.

Restaurants & Bars

The St. Regis Toronto has two onsite restaurants. The first is located on the ground floor behind check-in and is named after the family who founded the St Regis brand, The Astor Lounge. Their flagship restaurant, Louis Louix, is on the 31st floor and is famous for its extravagant 13-layer chocolate cake.

The Astor Lounge

Just behind the check-in desk and beside the elevators is the lobby bar, the Astor Lounge.

st regis toronto astor lounge sign

Here, the Sabrage ritual takes place, and unlike the St. Regis Maldives, the champagne is given to guests complimentary.

st regis toronto astor lounge champagne

It’s a cozy environment that’s easy to melt into, as is much of the rest of the hotel, but the vibe changes dramatically upon stepping into the Astor Lounge from the hustle and bustle of Toronto streets.

st regis toronto astor lounge seating 3

The food and drink menu is snack-based, but there’s a good selection and a signature Toronto Bloody Mary.

Regarding food, small bites are available. We highly recommend the Wagyu croquettes.

Louix Louis

This restaurant carries a similar vibe to the Astor Lounge, but it’s located on the top of the hotel on floor 31. It’s also where you can enjoy a complimentary breakfast for Platinum Elite members and above, but I think in-room dining is the play to maximize the breakfast benefit.

st regis toronto louix louis table setting

This restaurant’s ceilings are 30 feet tall, and the spirit list is intimidating. It’s a fantastic atmosphere to soak in. I don’t know if it will ever get old!

st regis toronto louix louis bar

The cocktails are costly, but they are expertly crafted. As it was a special occasion and I had a 20% off Amex Offer, I splurged for the Double Windsor. It was an excellent cocktail, and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a high-proof beverage.

Dinner service started with a brioche pull-apart served with truffle butter in a perfect quenelle.

st regis toronto louix louis bread

I’ll preface the rest of the dinner review by saying that I haven’t been particularly impressed with Louix Louis’s kitchen in the past. We stayed at this hotel two years ago and found the risotto and short rib subpar when we dined here. I opted for the burger on their “Signature” list this time. While the restaurant logo burned into the bun looked a little sad, the sandwich was delicious.

st regis toronto louix louis burger and fries

Sadly, the sweet potato ravioli my wife ordered was far too sweet and not enjoyable. To their credit, they didn’t charge us for the ravioli after noticing it hadn’t been eaten.

st regis toronto louix louis sweet potato ravioli

To finish the dinner service, I was served a surprise chocolate bomb with a brownie and coffee liqueur inside. In addition, our server brought me a glass of prosecco and a mocktail (which was terrific) for Marta. It was a decadent dessert, and I thanked the staff profusely.

st regis toronto louix louis birthday dessert

In-Room Dining

While you can dine at Louis Louix for breakfast, in-room dining comes at no extra cost if you are a Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Elite member or higher, other than the tip you choose to leave (similar to The DOUGLAS in Vancouver).

st regis toronto in room dining marriott platinum confirmation

I opted for the Canadian breakfast, while Marta chose the Belgian waffle. The waffle was the star of the show, as the raspberries were incredibly fresh, and the waffle smelled simply divine.

The butler who delivered our breakfast was precisely on time at 8:00 am to the minute as we requested. She did a fantastic job setting the dining table, and we felt like we were in an episode of Succession to start our day.


To access the pool, fitness center, and spa, you must first travel to the 31st floor, walk through this extravagant door that is marked as “Spa”, and then take a separate elevator to the upper floors.

st regis toronto spa door


The pool is directly accessible from the hallway next to the elevator if you want fast access.

st regis toronto pool door

If you prefer not to change in your room, there are change rooms complete with lockers and showers opposite the entrance to the pool.

The pool is incredibly grand. It’s probably the best indoor pool I’ve seen in a Toronto hotel. In the corner of the room, there’s a jacuzzi with a water feature.

Around the pool’s edge, there’s a towel station, including chilled towels, which is an extremely luxurious touch. Also, lots of seating exists for family members who want to engage without washing off chlorine. The views from the pool deck are nothing short of extraordinary.

Fitness Center

The fitness center is just down the hall from the pool and easily accessible from the pool showers if you prefer to return to your room fully refreshed.

Here, the views are as stunning as the pool and provide an excellent backdrop for a workout. It’s a small but well-equipped gym with everything you could need, including a Smith machine. Like the pool, cold towels are available, and some apples, a first aid kit, and Peloton bikes.

st regis toronto fitness center amenities


While I didn’t visit the spa, it’s a full-service facility that is open seven days a week.

st regis toronto spa stock image
Image courtesy of The St Regis Toronto (

Event Spaces

The St. Regis Event Spaces are advertised in the elevator, and my goodness, they are grand. We had a chance to wander around the 10th floor and witness an event in preparation. The decor and light fixtures are considerably different, more dramatic, but most of all elegant. 

We chose not to have a big wedding, but if we did, we likely would have gotten a quote on their event spaces.


The St. Regis Toronto is an excellent hotel for luxury, elite recognition, elite benefits, and maximizing the value of Bonvoy points. While the restaurant, Louis Louix, could use a menu and perhaps a chef update, it remains a premier hotel in Toronto. 

I prefer the service and amenities of the Ritz Carlton in comparison, but you won’t be disappointed with a stay at the St. Regis. Especially with the complimentary in-room breakfast for Platinum Elite members and above!

Daniel Burkett

Daniel Burkett

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