Review: Revenued Business Card

For small business owners, finding the best business card for their business purchases while still allowing them to minimize fees and maximize rewards is important.

While we have a US credit card comparison tool on Frugal Flyer, this is by no means an all-encompassing list of all business credit cards, instead focusing on the bigger financial institutions in the United States that approve based on a traditional FICO credit score.

On the other hand, Revenued is a fintech company established in 2015 that helps businesses improve their financial set-up and access to capital. Their flagship product, the Revenued Business Card, aims to provide easy and straightforward financing for businesses while focusing on revenue and other business metrics, instead of credit scores.

Let’s dive into our review of the Revenued Business Card to determine if it is a good fit for your business.

Revenued Business Card Overview

The Revenued Business Card is designed for established businesses that have regular revenue. As we will touch on below, revenue is the driving factor for approval and credit limits with this card, which means it takes a unique approach to business financing when compared to other cards on the market.

In order to be eligible for this card, businesses must:

  • Be in the US in operation for 6 months or more (No start-ups)
  • Have an existing business checking account with no more than 3 negative balance days each month and $10,000 or more in deposit volume each month
  • Not be a sole proprietorship
  • Not be a financial services company or law firm

There is no minimum credit score or FICO score in order to be approved. The Revenued Business card differentiates itself by not conducting a hard credit pull to apply, instead choosing to look at business revenue and operations to determine approval and spending limit.

While we will focus on solely the card in this article, the Revenued Business Card is bundled with a combo flex line. This may be of interest to some businesses, depending on their unique financial needs.

You can sign up for the Revenued Business Card here.

Welcome Bonus & Cash Back Earning Rate

As of January 23, 2024, the Revenued Business card no longer has any welcome bonus or cash back earning rate.

The rewards program for the Revenued Business card focuses on earning cash back for all eligible purchases.

When approved, new cardholders are eligible to earn a welcome bonus of $500 USD after making combined card purchases in the amount of $5,000 USD in the first 3 months of card membership. This is an easy way to earn 10% cash back on your first $5,000 USD spent which is a very impressive rate of return.

revenued business card info

After the welcome bonus is earned, the Revenued Business card will then earn 3% cash back on all future eligible card purchases. This is a strong rate of return on all eligible purchases, and you do not need to worry about using the correct card for different types of purchases which can be burdensome if you are running large amounts of spend through your business.

No Monthly or Annual Fees

One of the most notable benefits of the card, and one that may be most attractive to many business owners, is that it has no fees at all. That means that once you are approved for the card, there are no unexpected fees.

revenued business card no annual fees

This is a massive benefit of this business credit card product and is a very strong selling point as many other business credit cards, such as the American Express Business Platinum card (US), come with a hefty annual fee of almost $600 per year. If you are looking to earn rewards for your business spend, while not having to expense unnecessary annual fees, this card may be a great fit for your business.


The Revenued Business Card presents a great value opportunity for business owners in the United States who are looking for a simple solution for purchases that earns consistent cash back and has no fees.

You can sign up for the Revenued Business card here.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this card does not charge any foreign exchange fees.

Available cash back rewards are calculated and included in your Available Rewards balance. Once the cash back rewards are added to your Available Rewards balance, they will be eligible for cash redemption via the “Redeem Rewards” button, which will be shown (to the extent there is greater than $10.00 worth of Rewards Available to redeem) on the Rewards section within your Revenued dashboard found at

Redemptions will be transferred to your business bank account linked to your Revenued account like any other Revenued transaction.  The amount transferred related to each redemption will be equivalent to the total amount requested less any outstanding fees and/or delinquent payments and is subject to the terms and conditions of your Revenued account.

Applicants will be required to link to their business bank account with Plaid to prove business revenue.

Revenued uses a factor rate as opposed to an APR. Whereas an APR measures the standardized cost of borrowing money (interest rate) over a set period (annual), factor-based pricing ignores the time period and just looks at cost instead.

The Revenued Business Card does not have a fixed repayment term – payments can be adjusted if there’s a change in a business’ volume of receipts.

Applicants can expect to receive the results of their application within 24 hours.

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