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I stayed at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at Toronto International Airport (YYZ) after a conference in Downtown Toronto. It was highly convenient to access this hotel from the UP Train (Union Station—Pearson Airport Express), and it was so lovely to walk across the street into airport security for my next flight in the morning after my stay.

While it will never be the least expensive airport hotel surrounding YYZ, it’s definitively the best one, and I’ll show you why!


I was fortunate to book this stay with a favorable industry rate, but you can often get a decent value if you redeem your Marriott Bonvoy points. The example I’ve highlighted pegs them at our average value of 1 cent per point CAD.

Remember that the prices you see on the calendar don’t include taxes and fees until you confirm your dates, which can add about $100 to the cost of staying at this property. An often overlooked tip is that you can get a 7% discount on all your Marriott stays by booking the cardholder rate and paying with the American Express Marriott Bonvoy Business card (US) card.

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50,000 Marriott Bonvoy


Before discussing the excellent service I received at the check-in desk, I’d like to point out how easy it is to access this hotel. After finishing my conference, I headed to the Marriott Downtown at CF Toronto Eaton Centre to grab my luggage, then took the subway to Union Station. 

When leaving the subway terminal, there’s a ton of signage for the UP Express. You’ll be led through an open-air/skylight walkway into a central terminal, where you can also access the GO Train if you need to head anywhere else in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). After a few steps, you want to make a right and head up some escalators. After reaching the top, you’ll walk through several small shops. Eventually, you’ll walk up a marble staircase into the Great Hall of Union Station.

I believe elevators exist, but this is the fastest and most direct way to access the UP Express from the subway. The marble staircase to the Great Hall doesn’t have an escalator, but I didn’t mind, as it’s not many steps, and I was traveling with carry-on luggage only. 

After walking up those steps, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning view and easy directions. Walk straight until hitting a dead end, turn left as the signs instruct, and walk through the “Sky Walk” onto the train!

My favorite thing about the UP Express is that it runs in either direction every 15 minutes from 4:55 AM to 1:00 AM on weekdays and from 6:00 AM to 1:00 AM on weekends. It only takes 25 minutes, far faster than fighting Toronto traffic. You don’t need to buy a ticket; simply tap your credit card or mobile wallet device on the bright green terminals before you get on and when you get off.

If you sit on the train’s right side, you’ll see the Sheraton as you approach the airport!

sheraton gateway hotel in toronto international airport exterior

As you leave the train, follow the signage for Terminal 3. You’ll take the train on either side of the platform. After the train arrives at Terminal 3, step off and head down the escalators. If you have lots of luggage, there are elevators at the end of the platform. At the bottom of the escalator, you’ll see the signs for Sheraton Hotel and make a right.

You’ll know you’re in the right place as there’s a giant “S” logo out front, but note that bringing in luggage carts is discouraged.

The check-in desks are to the right after you walk in the door, and there’s a Marriott Elite branded line for those with Marriott Status.

sheraton gateway hotel in toronto international airport check in desks

The check-in agent welcomed me back to the hotel, noticing in my profile that I had already stayed there. I was thanked for being a Titanium Elite member and asked if I preferred a Runway or City view room. There’s only one right answer to that question…

Even if you don’t get lucky with an upgrade to a runway view room, all of the rooms at this recently renovated hotel are lovely. 

Next to the check-in area is a small market with exorbitantly priced essentials, but as there’s nothing around this hotel, it’s better than not having a market.

The rest of the lobby is impeccably designed. It’s a wonderful place to get some work done.

sheraton gateway hotel in toronto international airport lobby seating

When exploring the rest of the hotel, the lobby and most amenities are on Floor 2. The 1st floor is only the entrance from the taxi stand, Terminal 3 departures curbside drop off, and the conference center.

sheraton gateway hotel in toronto international airport elevator signage


As mentioned above, the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Toronto International Airport is located at Terminal 3 at YYZ making it a great option if you have an overnight layover.


Parking at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in YYZ costs $38 CAD Daily and does not include in and out privileges.

Room – Premium, Club Lounge Access, 1 King

I’ve stayed at this hotel three or four times now, and each time, I have been lucky to receive an upgrade to the 8th floor. After stepping off the elevator, you’re greeted with a large sitting area (which I’m not sure gets used much) and a friendly reminder that guests can be sleeping at all hours of the day.

On that note, this property has an extensive list of Day Pass options if you’re landing from a positioning flight and need a place to rest before your long-haul segment. 

The coffee and water stations are immediately to your left when you enter the room. My favorite tip is to head to the gym if you need more water bottles rather than paying for them at the market. Underneath is an empty mini fridge.

To your right is the smartly designed bathroom. The amenities on the counter were branded Gilchrist & Soames, which I hadn’t heard of before, but everything smelled nice.

sheraton gateway hotel in toronto international airport premium 1 king bathroom

In typical modern Marriott fashion, the shower products are large bottles rather than individual travel-size containers. The shower was excellent, with both overhead and handheld sprayers.

Stepping out of the bathroom is the closet, fully equipped with a robe and slippers. This particular Sheraton goes above and beyond with amenities. It’s more similar to Westin properties, like the Westin Wall Centre Vancouver Airport than your typical Sheraton. I will say that the bed was significantly less comfortable than Westin’s signature Heavenly mattresses. I did love the oversized full-length mirror, though!

Moving to the meat and potatoes of the room, the TV welcomed me and recognized my Titanium Status again. Even though it’s kind of cheesy, I do love this consistent feature in Marriott properties. Under the TV is an ultra-convenient huge luggage rack with two large drawers. The bed was neatly made with differing pillow options, an example of the attention to detail I love.

In the corners of the room, there’s a small work/dining table and a chair to do some plane spotting if you want.

Terminal 3 features exotic carriers like Etihad and Air France, which I was pleased to see. Also, way off in the distance, you can spot the cargo terminals, where I believe a Cathay Pacific 747 Cargo plane was being loaded up.

sheraton gateway hotel in toronto international airport premium 1 king view from room

The nightstand is more prominent on the ‘bathroom’ side of the bed, but the ‘window’ side also has a full complement of outlets, albeit hidden.

The room is pretty simple, similar to the Hyatt Centric The Liberties Dublin, but I didn’t need anything fancy for a one-night stay. That being said, this property has a Prime Minister Suite that looks incredible.

sheraton gateway hotel in toronto international airport prime minister suite
Prime Minister Suite courtesy of


Club Lounge – Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Elite Complimentary Breakfast

The club lounge at this property is one of the better lounges I’ve visited. Not only do they serve evening appetizers, but you can also order anything from the main restaurant and have it served at your table in the lounge. Anything from the restaurant or bar would incur an extra charge, but this lounge and its services blow the lounge at the Renaissance New York Midtown out of the water. That club lounge was pretty sad.

The club lounge is located next to the business center. After scanning your room key, its door dramatically opens towards you. An attendant will confirm your room number and welcome you to the lounge. Conveniently placed at the entrance are the hours of all food service.

The bar is centrally located in the lounge, a rapidly growing design trend. Both the Air Canada Cafe at Billy Bishop and Chase Sapphire Lounge at Laguardia share this design principle.

sheraton gateway hotel in toronto international airport club lounge overview

I didn’t wake up early enough before my flight to grab breakfast here, but I did partake in the evening hors d’oeuvres, which was a lovely spread.

There’s ample beverage selection, with three different stations with something for every taste.

Most interestingly, if you follow this path next to the communal table, you’ll find a room wholly encased in glass, which makes a lovely setting to enjoy your complimentary snacks.

&More by Sheraton

The only other dining option on the property is the lobby restaurant. I have never eaten in the restaurant, but during one of my stays here, I enjoyed room service and thought the food was satisfactory.

sheraton gateway hotel in toronto international airport &more restaurant

You can also grab food to go if you’d prefer not to pay the room service charge.


Business Center

The business center is relatively small and located on the 2nd floor in the lobby. It consists of two computers and a printer, but most convenient, they have phone booths like most airport lounges have implemented.

Conference Center

While this may seem like a strange place to host a conference, I think it may be brilliant. Attendees have easy access to downtown Toronto via the UP Express, and Pearson is so well connected to the world that most people can get here non-stop. 

As mentioned earlier, the conference center is on the ground floor but is easily accessible via escalator from the amenity-packed 2nd floor.

sheraton gateway hotel in toronto international airport conference center

Luggage Storage

One of the best amenities for guests with an overnight layover is the complimentary luggage storage!

sheraton gateway hotel in toronto international airport luggage storage

When moving from Seattle to New York (with a stop in Winnipeg), we successfully used the luggage storage service and checked six pieces of 60lb luggage and my bike. I probably would have shipped most things, but with my Aeroplan 50K status it only cost $52.50 CAD for the special handling of sports equipment (the bike).

sheraton gateway hotel in toronto international airport danny with luggage

Fitness Center

The fitness facilities here are top-notch. They remind me of the facilities at the St. Regis Toronto but with less exciting views.

sheraton gateway hotel in toronto international airport fitness center entrance

If you’d prefer to shower before heading back to your room, there are women’s and men’s locker rooms.

I used the fitness center during my previous stays and found it had everything I needed. If you enjoy people-watching, the cardio machines oversee departures at terminal 3. The mad dash to unload people and luggage always provides some great entertainment.

The Peloton room is a new addition to the fitness facilities here.

sheraton gateway hotel in toronto international airport fitness center peloton bikes

It also includes the aforementioned free bottled water and some stretching and warm-up equipment.


The pool at this property also has a jacuzzi attached, which is nice.

Towels are available nearby, but there’s not much seating for family members wishing to observe the action.


The Sheraton Gateway in Toronto International Airport is one of the best airport hotels in Canada and potentially North America. With reasonable redemption values often under 50,000 Marriott Bonvoy Points per night, it makes a great hotel to use 35,000 Bonvoy free night certificates. Adding the unique ability to purchase a day pass, travelers with odd connection times can also make great use of the property.

If you can swing the premium to stay at this ultra-convenient hotel, it’s worth every penny or point you spend on it!

Daniel Burkett

Daniel Burkett

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