Manufactured Spending with the Reloadable Prepaid PayPower Mastercard

by | Published Jan 6, 2022 | Edited Feb 5, 2023

Introduction: PayPower Mastercard is Still Alive

PayPower is no secret to the dedicated miles and points enthusiast. The reloadable prepaid debit Mastercard was a potent manufactured spending outlet several years ago.

In the past it could be scaled by signing up for multiple PayPower cards, however, Peoples Trust, the company that issues most prepaid cards in Canada, has since cracked down on this with enhanced identity resolution and compliance.

Still, the PayPower Mastercard, and other reloadable cards such as the Titanium+ prepaid Mastercard, do retain a role in the wallets of credit card churners and miles+points enthusiasts. This is twofold: 1) manufactured spending is still viable with the PayPower Prepaid MasterCard for a nominal profit per reload, and 2) it can relieve some of the financial pressure of meeting minimum spends if you are working on many cards at once.

I find the latter to be of particular importance as someone who churns many many cards a year, but also is extremely frugal and doesn’t have the organic spend to support such a practice.

In this post, we’ll walk you through exactly how to best use the PayPower Prepaid MasterCard for both of these objectives, manufactured spending and meeting credit card minimum spending requirements, with the maximum convenience possible. 

What is the PayPower Prepaid Mastercard

PayPower cards are prepaid Mastercards (and Visa cards) that come in reloadable and non-reloadable flavours. As with most prepaid cards in Canada, they are issued by Peoples Trust Company. Generally, the best card to get is the black reloadable MasterCard, which can be loaded and reloaded with amounts from $20-500.

Reloadable PayPower Mastercard

PayPower Prepaid MasterCards have an assortment of fees, including an activation or new card fee. Once you’ve purchased the card for the first time, you can register the card and upgrade it to become a reloadable prepaid MasterCard. 

Once upgraded, the money you load to the card can be withdrawn at ATMs or used to make bill payments. We’ll show you how to get creative with the latter to withdraw the money back to your bank account.

Where to Buy the PayPower Prepaid Mastercard

PayPower Prepaid MasterCards can be purchased or reloaded at several different brick-and-mortar locations, such as Circle K, 7-Eleven, Esso, Canadian Tire, Safeway, Save-On-Foods, etc. You can browse the full list of retailers on PayPower’s website.

What makes PayPower lucrative is the fact that you can get a category spend bonus (such as ‘Grocery’ spend) when you purchase or reload your PayPower prepaid card. This more than offsets the fees associated with the card and with withdrawing the cash. With the right credit card, you will make a decent profit.

How to Reload the PayPower Mastercard with a Credit Card

After you’ve purchased and activated your first PayPower black card, go to and create an account. Once logged into your PayPower account, enter the card number to register the card, and upgrade it to the “Reloadable Power” tier by clicking “Enable Reloads”. 

PayPower card management, 'enable reloads' converts a one-time use PayPower to a Reloadable PayPower

At this step, you will have to go through KYC (Know Your Customer) verification, and be asked a series of security questions regarding your credit history and financial health, to confirm your identity. The second stage of this will involve linking your bank account. Make sure to pass KYC carefully as PayPower customer support is notoriously unhelpful for those who get stuck at this step and can’t upgrade their card.

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Once you’ve got your card upgraded to reloadable, you can take it to any of the retailers designated as ‘Reload Locations’ on the PayPower website.

PayPower filter by reload locations
Use the filter to select “reload locations”.

At the retailer, you will provide your PayPower Prepaid MasterCard to the employee and ask to do a reload. If they seem confused, instruct them to treat it as a gift card. Once the card is scanned the system will prompt for the reload amount. The maximum you can load at one time is $500. Of course, if you have a nice cashier, you can ask them to load it again for you, but you’ll pay the reload fee ($6.95) each time.

You may also have more luck utilizing the customer service checkout at grocery stores as they may have more familiarity with these kinds of transactions.

Grocery store cashier frowning upon a PayPower degenerate

How to Withdraw Money from the PayPower Prepaid Mastercard

Once your PayPower Prepaid MasterCard is loaded with money, there are essentially two options available to transfer funds: withdraw them in cash at an ATM or utilize bill payment to send funds to a credit card or other account. 

ATM withdrawal is not a very effective method as the max per transaction is $250, and you will pay not only the $1.95 withdrawal fee, but any fees charged by the ATM as well. Drawing down a large PayPower balance via ATM has also resulted in a ban for one of the Frugal Flyer authors. :/

Bill payment is the superior method from a cost perspective, and also from a convenience perspective: after all, who wants to be making trips to an ATM all the time as there is a per day withdrawal limit.

How to Use Bill Payment to Empty your PayPower Mastercard

In the PayPower dashboard, you can initiate Bill Payments through the ‘My Transactions’ tab.

PayPower bill payments option within PayPower dashboard

From there, you can select ‘Bills’, then ‘Add a Bill’, and search for various payees. Most credit card issuers in Canada are available.

PayPower add a bill feature
You can also pay into a line of credit and then transfer that credit back to your checking account.

I like to send my bill payments to my Tangerine credit card, and then when the balance builds up, I request a manual transfer of the debited amount to my Tangerine chequing account. I personally just find Tangerine to be a bank that doesn’t care or question what you do with your accounts. However, the same process should work with most banks and credit card combinations.

PayPower bill payment to credit card for $998.05 with a $1.95 fee.

One last note – Paypower includes the $1.95 fee in the $1000 daily limit, so the actual maximum amount you can bill pay works out to $998.05.

Fees and Limits Associated with the PayPower Prepaid Mastercard


The PayPower Prepaid Mastercard does have an assortment of fees. For the initial purchase of the card, you will pay an activation fee of $9.95

For each reload, you will pay a reload fee of $6.95. 

You will also pay a monthly fee of $4.95, which will be deducted from your card balance.

Finally, sending a bill payment or withdrawing from an ATM will incur a fee of $1.95.


In terms of limits, the PayPower Reloadable card can only be loaded with $500 per transaction, to a maximum of $2,500 daily and the maximum balance that can be held on the card is also $2,500. 

The other limit to be concerned with is bill payment. The maximum is $1,000 daily, $2,500 weekly, and $5,000 monthly.

Using PayPower Prepaid Mastercard for Manufactured Spending

Using the PayPower Prepaid card to generate points is a valid and profitable manufactured spending strategy, but only when paired with the right credit card at the right retailer.

The best practice is to use either the American Express Cobalt Card or the Scotiabank Gold American Express Card. 

The American Express Cobalt Card earns 5 Membership Rewards (MR) points per $1 spent on stand-alone grocery stores in Canada. You can earn MR on a maximum of $30,000 in net purchases per year, which would amount to 150,000 MR if maxed. 

American Express Cobalt

The American Express Cobalt card earns Membership Rewards points and gives cardholders the opportunity to earn 5x Membership Rewards on all restaurant, food delivery services, and grocery store purchases.

Check out our American Express Cobalt review for more details about this card.

30,000 Membership Rewards

The Scotiabank Gold American Express Card earns 5 Scene+ points per $1 spent at grocery stores. It also earns 3 Scene+ points per $1 spent at gas stations. You can earn at the 5X rate on a maximum of $50,000 in net purchases per year, which would amount to 250,000 Scene+ points if maxed.

Apply Now Learn More Click Apply Now to earn $100 in FlyerFunds upon approval.
Scotiabank Gold American Express

The Scotiabank Gold American Express card earns Scene+ Rewards points and gives cardholders the opportunity to earn 5x Scene+ points on grocery, restaurant, and entertainment purchases. This card charges no foreign exchange fees.

For 2023, we selected this card as the Best Credit Card for Grocery Purchases.

Check out our Scotiabank Gold American Express review for full details about this card.

40,000 Scene+

Now, taking into account the monthly bill payment limit of $5,000 we can do some math to see the return on each $500 load, and on maxing and depleting the PayPower Prepaid MasterCard monthly:

Return on Loading PayPower with Amex CobaltReturn on Loading PayPower with Scotia Gold
Return per transaction$500 = 2,500 Membership Rewards = $25 USD 
(at value of $0.01 USD per point)
– $6.95 
=~ $20 USD
$500 = 2,500 Scene+ = $25 CAD
(at value of $0.01 CAD per point)
– $6.95 
= $18 CAD
Return per month$250 USD ($25 * 10)
– $69.50 CAD ($6.95 * 10)
– $9.75 CAD (1.95 * 5)
– $4.95 CAD (monthly fee)
=~ $185 USD/month
$250 CAD ($25 * 10)
– $69.50 CAD ($6.95 * 10)
– $9.75 CAD (1.95 * 5)
– $4.95 CAD (monthly fee)
= $165.80 CAD/month

This produces a modest return, which becomes a little better if scaled with a Player 2. Also consider that the value of the Amex Membership Rewards is higher if redeemed for travel, whereas Scene+ points have a constant value. In this comparison, we simplified it by using the value if liquidated to cash at the highest possible rate

Using the PayPower Prepaid Mastercard for Meeting Credit Card Minimum Spend Requirements

Aside from maxing out your PayPower Prepaid Mastercard on Amex Cobalt and Scotia Gold credit card spend, you can reload PayPower cards to meet minimum spending requirements for any cards you may be working on, even US credit cards

This also does open up some options for reload locations. For example, if the card you’re working on happens to earn a category bonus at gas stations, then it may make more sense to do your reloads at ESSO.

Without any category bonus, you will ultimately net a small loss due to fees when reloading PayPower to meet minimum spends. The math works out as follows:

  • Cost per $1,000 loaded = $6.95*2 + $1.95 = $15.85
  • $15.85/$1,000 *100 = 1.59%

So approximately a 1.59% cost of manufactured spending, which isn’t bad if we assume any credit card will earn at least 1% in points value. A small loss is still worth it as it allows you to work towards minimum spend requirements.

Summary Table: PayPower Mastercard and Other Reloadable Prepaid Cards in Canada

PayPower Prepaid MastercardMoneyMart Titanium+ CardMyVanilla Prepaid Debit Cards
TypeMastercardMastercardMastercard + Visa
Load MethodReload in-storeVanilla ReloadVanilla Reload + Walmart Rapid reload
Withdrawal MethodCanadian ATM or Bill PaymentCanadian ATM or MoneyMart cashCanadian ATM
New Card Fee$9.95 +tax$9.99 +tax$3.95
Monthly Fee$4.95$6.50None
Fee to Load$6.95$3.95 +tax$3.95 +tax
Fee to Withdraw$1.95† $1.95† $1.95†
Max Load$500 per transaction, $2,500 daily$500 daily via Vanilla Reload$500 per transaction, $2,500 daily, $5,000 monthly
Max Withdrawal$1,000 daily, $2,500 weekly, $5,000 monthly (bill pay)$3,000 daily$400 per transaction, $2,000 per day, $2,500 per month
Max Card Balance$2,500$15,000$9,999
† Additional fees may be charged for use of ATMs by ATM operators.


PayPower cards are less abusable and consequently less lucrative these days. However, it’s still a valuable tool for the dedicated churner, primarily as a means to meet minimum spending requirements when you otherwise might not be able to.

If you decide to scale PayPower to earn the most points possible, remember that there are risks. Many horror stories have occurred where money was stuck in limbo with PayPower, and Amex has also been known to flag and investigate suspicious transactions. 

Best practices dictate the following: 1) don’t overdo it with ATM transactions, bill payment is best, and 2) don’t create a circular loop where you bill pay to the same card you loaded with. It’s best to instead bill pay to a credit card (or line of credit) at a separate bank and then have your bank transfer that negative balance to your checking account. This is particularly true with American Express.

Frequently Asked Questions About PayPower Mastercard

  1. What company issues the PayPower Mastercard?

    PayPower is issued by the Peoples Trust Company under license from Mastercard International. People's Trust is the issuer of a large majority of prepaid products in Canada, including the reloadable Titanium+ Mastercard, PayPower Prepaid Mastercard, and Vanilla prepaid cards.

  2. Are funds loaded onto my PayPower MasterCard insured?

    Funds loaded onto the PayPower Prepaid Mastercard are not insured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC).

  3. What are the risks of using PayPower for manufactured spending?

    If you violate the terms of PayPower there is always a risk that you will be banned. If this happens you will get your PayPower balance back as a check, but your money may be stuck in limbo for up to a few months.

  4. How can I track my PayPower loads effectively?

    It is best to use a spreadsheet. Calculated fields can help with knowing how much you have on your card and where you’re at with daily, weekly, or monthly limits. We have a template tracker in Google Sheets for tracking PayPower and Titanium+ reloads.

  5. Are PayPower reloadable Mastercards valid for online purchases?

    Yes, PayPower can be used for online purchases if that is how you wish to use it.  A PIN is not required, although you may set one up by calling PayPower customer service at 1-800-982-1258.

  6. Can I use PayPower MasterCard at Costco Canada?

    Yes, you can use PayPower to buy Costco Cash cards at Read more about methods to use prepaid cards for Costco purchases.

Matt Astro

Matt Astro

Contributor at Frugal Flyer
Matt is a technophile and math nerd who discovered travel hacking in 2015. His favorite points-powered trip to date was visiting Estonia. Matt takes no shame in being far too frugal. In fact, he would probably go as far as calling himself cheap. Seriously, if there is a way to get something for free, Matt will find it and take advantage of it (and then maybe write about it here).


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30 comments on “Manufactured Spending with the Reloadable Prepaid PayPower Mastercard

  1. Has anybody tried using PayPower to get money order? PayPower only allows 5×1000 bill payment per month so I am seeking other ways to liquidate the funds I load in it.

    • Hi Steve,

      Personally, I have not tried money orders with paypower. When scaling, most people get multiple PayPower cards under their P2, P3, and so on.


  2. “I like to send my bill payments to my Tangerine credit card, and then when the balance builds up, I request a manual transfer of the debited amount to my Tangerine chequing account.”

    Can I just make the transfer online myself or do I need to call in? (Would I be charged cash advance fees if I make the transfer myself?)

  3. Why I can’t load directly on the PP website to my P2’s card using my own CC?

    I get this error:

    “OOPS! We are unable to process your PayPower funding transaction! Please contact Customer Support 1-800-925-125 (RPT-30119)”

  4. I like to send my bill payments to my Tangerine credit card, and then when the balance builds up, I request a manual transfer of the debited amount to my Tangerine checking account. I personally just find Tangerine to be a bank that doesn’t care or question what you do with your accounts. However, the same process should work with most banks and credit card combinations.

    Tangerine charges $3.50 for a cash advance to do this.

      • Hi Reed,
        I’ve done it twice now via desktop login (move money from MC to chequing) and have been dinged both times. How do you go about doing it?

        • I call in and ask them to move my negative balance to the checking account.
          I’m not sure if they still have chat, but I used to do it via chat agent as well.

  5. Does the publication of an article like this typically end up getting a lot of attention and then getting shut down? Is it best to speak about an active MS method so publicly?

    • The information has already been out there for ages, even in other blog posts (especially in the Chinese miles-and-points blog scene).

      To a degree, PayPower knows that this is one of the ways people use their cards. They do shut down people for significant exploiting their products (myself included in Jan 2019 when I was running with multiple cards), no different than Amex. I’d be far less worried about the method disappearing than I would be regarding the risk of being banned by either PayPower or your card issuer.

      As with everything in this hobby, risk management is the name of the game.

  6. Hello Matt,

    Got the amex cobalt and platinum + started using paypower. However many threads speak of people getting banned by amex. I’d appreciate having your input on that. Ever experienced sth similar ?

    • Hi Phil,
      Most Amexiles I’m familiar with are from long term abuse. Financial review may be what you’re thinking of?
      In either case, its a matter of moderation and risk management – if you’re just using this to hit minimum spends, I don’t think you have much to worry. On the other hand if you are trying to scale it to any degree, you may want to diversify amongst different cards eg. the Scotia Gold.

    • Touche Joe 😉
      Frugal Flyer team is considering gating some of our more MS-related content in the future. For now, we felt Paypower was pretty low hanging fruit – its well known by most of the churning community and isn’t scalable anymore anyways. It’s also already been blogged about pretty heavily by other blogs.

      • At the same time, it still requires some investigation to know about the PayPower method. It’s some peoples only method of MS. It’s pretty insane to literally lay it out for some clicks on your blog. Just going to ruin it quicker for all of us.

        • We are indeed insane Mr. AC, and we will go to great lengths for clicks.
          In all seriousness, I don’t believe it will be ruined, and not by PayPower. PayPower makes money when we load these cards, and they are also fully aware that some people abuse the system. They take action against those who are excessive.

          • It’s one thing to talk about it and it’s another to lay it out so Grandma can do it. If load fees go up, major grocery chains stop loading them or Amex cracks down it’s on you. Stop publishing so openly…. Let people work a little.